Cookies Policy

​​​​​​​Cookies Policy


Cookies are software tags that are stored in your computer via your browser, which serve to register the information regarding your preferences. It does not store your personal information.​

What are cookies for?

Cookies serve to help determine the preferences of the user in the website, in order to provide a faster and more efficient use of the site and so eliminate the need for you to constantly insert your preferences. 

What kind of cookies are there?​

There are two types of cookies that can be used:

Permanent cookies: Are cookies that are stored in your device via your browser, and are used to give you a more personalized experience by showing you the contents of your interest any time you visit a website you have previously visited.

Session cookies: Are temporary cookies, that stay in your browsers history for the duration of your visit on the website. These cookies are used to observe web traffic, and help us identify problems regarding the website.​

What kind of cookies do we use?

  • Strictly necessary cookies: Allow you to visit this website and use your aps, as well as access safe areas of the website. Without this cookies the services you require might not be fulfilled.

  • Analytic cookies: Are used anonymously in order to create statistics about website usage, in order to improve the site.

  • Functionality cookies: Keeps the user’s preference about the website`s usage, so that the user doesn’t need to configure the website every time its visited.​​

How can you manage your cookies.

All browsers allow the user to accept, deny or erase cookies, by going through the respective browser`s definitions. You can configure your cookies in the option or preferences menu in your browser.
Note however that the act of disabling your cookies might result in some web services not functioning properly and thus affect partially or totally your website experience:​


Para obter mais informações sobre cookies e a respetiva utilização, sugerimos que consulte os seguintes links, que apenas se encontram em versão inglesa: