In the Fuzileiros are taught values and qualities essential for being successful on Sea and Land both in peacetime and wartime.



Constitutes a pattern of behavior not restricted only to a hierarchical obedience, but one that promotes the spirit du corps, the cohesion and sense of duty.


Stands as the impeccable conduct and extreme sense of zeal within the strict moral patterns which the matters of service demand, demanding righteousness a strong character and a noble soul.


Is the practice of frankness and sincerity to all that serve in the Navy, both in matter of service and out of it. Loyalty stablishes itself as the base of solidarity.


Stands as the owning of responsibilities and is achieved through transparency, honesty and justness in all decisions and acts, resulting in a sense of moral strengthening in oneself.


Is the ability to act and make the right decisions in the face of adversity, danger or threat, showing itself in the commitment to implement new ideas or behaviors which constitute solutions to existing problems.


Englobes the individual and collective knowledge, which results from the combination of theoretical individual and collective knowledge with past experiences and an attitude of nonconformity in the continuous search of better solutions for the presented challenges (innovation) and from the precise knowledge from the situations involving the actions of Fuzileiros units and forces (information superiority).