The Fuzileiros Corp is one of the elements that makes up the Operational Component of the National Forces System, whose mission is to prepare, support logistically and administratively, and train all Fuzileiros Forces and Units assigned to it, as well as other forces.




Employment of Fuzileiros Forces and Units and others assigned to it, in operational activities in the ambit of local ports and infrastructures defense, naval police service and the representation of the Portuguese Navy in ceremonies as well as intervention operations on fixed platforms, ships and boats in Portuguese sovereign maritime space with the goal of providing safe passage of passenger ships, and the combat of illicit activities and criminal acts.


The Fuzileiros Corp is a Special Forces Corp, on a permanent state of readiness, to be deployed at sea by sea, air and land, or wherever necessary to defend Portugal`s National interests, whether it be by integrating the Força de Reação Imediata (Immediate Reaction Force), in noncombatant evacuation operations, in support of the Portuguese Proteção Civil and Security Forces/Services, in complex emergencies or in the Conjunto Modular de Forças (Joint Forces Module), ready to intervein in conflicts of all kind in the ambit of the national alliances and accords which Portugal as taken part in, or also in the Forças Permanentes em Ação de Soberania (Permanent Acts of Sovereignty Forces) to assure the presence, the patrolling, vigilance and the contribute of the Armed Forces in the combat of illicit acts in the Espaço Estratégico de Interesse Nacional Permanente (Strategic Space of permanent National Interest).​