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Helpful information regarding the Fuzileiros Corp.

Frequently Asked Questions


To join the Fuzileiros you must first submit an application when the course contests are open, whether it be for Fuzileiro Officer or Fuzileiro Enlisted. The application form can be filled and submitted online at: http://candidaturas.marinha.pt​​​​

  • You can submit the application form online at https://recrutamento.marinha.pt , under open contests you access http://candidaturas.marinha.pt​​, where you can register, fill and submit your application;

  • At the Centro de Recrutamento da Armada (Portuguese Navy Recruitment Center) (Praça da Armada – Lisboa);

  • By mail to the Centro de Recrutamento da Armada (Portuguese Navy Recruitment Center) (Praça da Armada – 1350-027 Lisboa);

  • By email to recrutamento@marinha.pt​.

By periodically checking the Portuguese Navy site, the recruitment site, the Diários da República (Republic`s Diarys), through local municipalities, captaincies and Portuguese Navy delegacies or in person, by phone or email to the Centro de Recrutamento da Armada (Portuguese Navy Recruitment Center) in Alcântara: recrutamento@marinha.pt​​

 9th grade of school for Fuzileiro Enlisted, and 12th grade of school for Fuzileiro Officer.​​

You can as long as you present an equivalence document emitted by the Portuguese Ministry of Education​​.

 With the 12th grade you can apply to become a Fuzileiro Officer or a Fuzileiro Enlisted, both contracted.

You can also apply to become a Permanent Personnel Fuzileiro Officer by applying to the Escola Naval (Naval School)​.

  • Fuzileiro Enlisted: 24 years;
  • Fuzileiro Officer: 24 years (with 12th grade), 27 years (with college degree)​.

No, in order to become a Fuzileiro Sergeant you must first become a Fuzileiro Enlisted, and then by internal contest apply to become a Fuzileiro Sergeant.​

You can consult the physical tests necessary to enter the Fuzileiro Enlisted and Fuzileiro Officer training courses here​.​

You can, as long as you were deemed temporarily unfit.​

No. In the Armed Forces it is not permitted to lower your rank.​​

​​Yes, in order to become a Permanent Personnel Fuzileiro Officer, you will have to apply to the Escola Naval (Naval School), where you will have to, beside some other tests, do the mathematics specific test needed for college entry.​

 Yes, it is important to remember that the Fuzileiros are an elite amphibious force, thus why aquatic aptitude is an extremely important attribute. 

Throughout the training course you will learn and perfect new techniques however the entry test requires that you swim 25 meters in a pool, with respiratory control in a face down technique, without support or stopping; plus while floating dive down to a depth between 2 to 2,5 meters to retrieve a 0.2 to 0.5 kgs baton. ​

You can as long as you have permission of your specific branch Chief of Staff, pass the entry tests and fulfill the terms of admission.​

You will serve in land based Fuzileiro Units, however there is always the chance you will board Portuguese Navy ships, during amphibious exercises or in Boarding Platoon missions.

You can also serve in mainland Portugal, Azores, Madeira, and in overseas missions.

During the first five weeks of bootcamp you can quit without needing to reimburse the Navy. After bootcamp and the Juramento de Bandeira quitting requires you to reimburse the Navy.​

You must make a request to the Portuguese Navy Chief of Staff and send it to the Direção de Pessoal da Marinha (Praça da Armada, 1350-027 Lisboa)​.

The personnel of the Naval Police are Fuzileiros, so in order to join this police you must first become a Fuzileiro. After becoming a Fuzileiro you can inform of where in the Fuzileiro Corp you would like to serve, however it is always influenced by personnel management at the time, however whenever possible there is a preference to assign personnel to their unit of preference.​

In order to join the Boarding Platoon you must first become a Fuzileiro and then apply for the internal contest.​

Yes, the Fuzileiros have a vast and diversified participation in several missions worldwide as you can see in the Fuzileiros around the world page.​​

Women can join the Fuzileiros, since there is no discrimination of sex. The entry tests are the same, which you can consult on the how to be page under, Fuzileiro Enlisted or Fuzileiro Officer.​​

  • Be a Contracted 1ºMarinheiro or in Reserva de Disponiblidade;
  • Be a 2º Marinheiro with at least 3 years of rank
  • Minimum of 3 years of service;
  • Minimum education level of 12th grade;
  •  Be under 31 years old at the civil year of the contest​.
You should also consult the Legislation and Regulations of the Contest:
  • Special terms of admission to become Enlisted permanent personnel in the Navy (Available here)
  • Information by the Portuguese Navy Chief of Staff (Available here)​