Throughout its history the Fuzileiros have maintained a close proximity to the citizens and Portuguese communities, by its varied humanitarian aid and public interest missions.

Population Aid

​​​The Fuzileiros have been constantly engaged, always staying ready to help Portuguese citizens, regardless where they are, whether it be national or foreign territory, being their main focus to guaranty the safety of Portuguese people.
During the winter the Fuzileiros maintain a force ready, which has in the past been employed, to provide aid in the event of floods in the main water zones and rivers, constantly providing support and keeping close proximity with the population.
During the summer the Fuzileiros maintain a permanent presence in deterrence patrols throughout Portugal in order to prevent rural fires and also reinforce the Proteção Civil (Civil Protection) whenever necessary in patrols or actions in the aftermath of fires.
In parallel the Fuzileiros also reinforce the Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos with a large presence of Fuzileiros aiding to safeguard human life on Portuguese beaches throughout the beach season. ​